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Learning Support Services (LSS)

Bateman has an amazing student support system that is designed to meet the personal needs of every student in order for them to be successful.  Students do not need to sign up for these courses as they are placed into these programs by teacher, counsellor and administrative referral.  

ELL Program

(English Language Learners)

RBSS offers several courses designed to support language acquisition for students whose first language is not English.  These courses are designed for International students as well as new Canadians.   Students will be placed in classes where the level is appropriate for their ability.  Placement will be based upon standardized testing and consultation with a counsellor/ESL teacher.  Levels offered include:  Reception, Intermediate and Advanced.

Teacher Contact - Mrs. S. Kieft

Bridges Support Program

The Bridges Support Program provides academic, social and emotional support.  We coordinate access to many community agencies.  We offer trauma informed intensive school support.  We offer over 20 adapted courses.  Students are screened into the program by school or district staff. Intensive students have a Care Plan and an Individual Education Plan. Full day students are integrated half time into regular classrooms.  There are instances when a half day schedule is best for a student.  Students may also have access to a District based Work Experience Program.

Teacher Contact 

Options Support Program (Equestrian)

Equine 11 is a 4 credit course designed to educate students through personalized and project based learning; connecting students with horses to learn about the care, management, and horsemanship skills with individual project horses. This course provides students the opportunity to gain competence and confidence in the complex and rewarding relationship that exists between a rider and a working horse; facilitated through skilled professionals from both the school and the barn. The majority of the grade is based on practical work at the indoor riding arena. Students complete course work for the program on their own time. 

This course is offered to grade 11 and 12 students. Students in grades 9 and 10 are encouraged to visit the barn as "alternates". This allows students to see what the program is about and for our staff get to know them as well. 

Screening for the course is done through the Options Program.

Coordinator Contact - Mrs. R. Neveu

Learning Assistance

The goals of Learning Assistance are two-fold:  

1)    To provide services to the school, its teachers and students through assessment, direct instruction and consultation;

2)    Maintain students in the regular classroom.

Learning Assistance at the secondary level is intended to support students with learning difficulties ranging from mild to severe so that they may achieve success in core academic subjects.  Referrals can be made by either a counsellor, teacher or administrator and then presented to School-Based Team for ratification. Placements range from a few weeks to several terms.

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities at the secondary level is assessment-based.  Placement is done through the district screening team.  LD students are supported in the regular classroom and in the LD Resource Room.  An Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is written for each student. To book an IEP meeting for any of our LD teachers, please contact Mrs. Barclay or Mr. McGillvray.

Teacher Contacts-  Mrs. E. Barclay, Mr. B. Mcgillvray

 Work Study Program 

Students in the Work Study Program are supported in the regular classroom and in the resource centre.  This program emphasizes skills necessary for successful independent living.  These include functional academics, work and community behaviour and vocational training.  Placement is done through the district screening team and an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed for each student.

Teacher Contact -

Resource Room Program

Students inthe Resource Room Program must meet ministry criteria and are referred by a district screening committee.  Students are encouraged to develop life skills, communication, leisure and social skills at their individual level of need.  Students are integrated in varying degrees within the school population.  In their senior years, students will increase their work skills and community access skills while being increasingly integrated into various community work sites and activities.

Teacher Contact - Mrs. S. Frans