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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Email
Ms. Taryn MacDonald Aboriginal Ed. Support Teacher
Ms. Sherry Dunn Art
Mrs. Alexandra Klassen Art - Fine Arts Department Coordinator
Ms. Danae Hodgins At Risk Support Program (MARVEL)
Mr. Regan Glendenning Automotive / Careers / Swim Team / Auto Race Team
Ms. Trish Schubert Business / Computers / Yearbook
Mrs. Amanda Ridder Careers / English / Law
Mrs. Lorilee Kidd Dance / Musical Theatre/ English
Mrs. Sarah Kieft ELL Support Teacher
Mrs. Clementine Huff English
Ms. Jacqueline Selzer English - Department Coordinator
Mrs. Tessa Houweling English / Foods / Family Studies
Ms. Jo-Ann Fernandes English /Careers/ Drama
Mrs. Anita Teljeur Foods
Mr. David Prins Foods / Careers / PE
Ms. Nicole Calder French
Ms. Moira Testa French/ Psychology
Mr. Rod Faulkner Japanese - Department Coordinator
Mrs. Kristi Anderton Learning Commons Teacher
Ms. Satnam Sidhu LSS Work Experience
Ms. Silvia Comanescu Math
Ms. Hardeep Dhami Math
Mr. Brian Lieuwen Math
Mrs. Dawn Brummitt Math / Business
Mr. Aaron Barker Math / PE
Mr. Cameron Kenis Music / PE
Mr. David Mills PE / Athletic Director / Sr. Football
Mr. Nathan Sagert PE / Math
Mrs. Tamara Burk PE/ Sr. Girls Volleyball
Mr. Ken Fox Physics/ Robotics
Ms. Serenna Frans Resource Room
Mr. Matthew Jones Resource Room
Mr. Carlton Haak Science
Mr. Sheldon Weinkauf Science
Mr. Andrew Penner Science / Chemistry
Ms. Stacey Cap Science / Math
Mr. Barnaby McRae Science / Math
Mr. Jeff Crocker Social Studies - Department Coordinator and Outdoor Education
Mrs. Tesia Derksen-Bergen Social Studies / English
Ms. Laura Paterson Social Studies / English
Mr. Kirt Purdy Social Studies / JR. Leadership / Broadcasting
Ms. Farrah Kufske Social Studies / PE
Ms. Ondia Gillette Social Studies / Psychology
Ms. Erin Barclay Student Support Services / Social Justice
Mr. Dan Village Student Support Services/ Golf Academy
Mr. Brent McGillivray Student Support Services/ Math /Jr. Football
Mr. Byron Kask Tech/DC- Department Coordinator
Mr. Daniel Webster Woodworking
Mr. Jeff Dods Work Experience/Graduation Transitions
Mr. Clarke Wismer Work Experience/Law

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Ms. Karen Holroyd Clerical - Accounting Clerk
Mrs. Claudia Tavares Clerical - Front Desk Temporary
Mrs. Rita Fussi Clerical - SIS Analyst
Mrs. Tiffani Schellenberg Clerical - Supervisor
Ms. Rhiannon Gedak Custodial
Mr. Joel Hobbs Custodial
Ms. Karen Johnston Custodial
Mr. Warren Wright Custodial - Day shift
Mr. Adriane Boons Custodial - Head
Ms. Sharon Cryer Educational Assistant
Ms. Monica Delparte Educational Assistant
Mrs. Amanda Donovan Educational Assistant
Mr. Edward Drewitt Educational Assistant
Ms. Erin Fennell Educational Assistant
Ms. Lindsay Fennell Educational Assistant
Ms. Sarah Harrison Educational Assistant
Ms. Grace Hildebrandt Educational Assistant
Ms. Anita Huebert Educational Assistant
Ms. Jennifer Kasper Educational Assistant
Ms. Heidi Knull Educational Assistant
Mr. Nathan Larsen Educational Assistant
Mrs. Nettie Levale Educational Assistant
Ms. Cassidy McKeown Educational Assistant
Ms. Val Schmid Educational Assistant
Mrs. Shelley Wautier Educational Assistant
Ms. Mouon Levan Educational Assistant - Aboriginal Education
Ms. Cristie Hill Educational Assistant - Lab
Ms. Stacey Mendez Educational Assistant / Bateman Achievement Centre
Mrs. Rebecca Lin International Assistant
Ms. Yoriko Davidson International Assistant - Brazil / Germany / Japan
Nuri Lawrence International Assistant - China
Ms. Cristina Ugalde International Assistant - Columbia/Mexico
Mrs. Esther Kim International Assistant - S. Korea / Brazil / Turkey
Mrs. Ruth Neveu School Youth Worker and Bateman Equestrian Director/Instructor