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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Email
Mr. Lance McDonald Principal Lance.Mcdonald [at]
Mr. Travis Bell Vice-Principal (A-K) Travis.Bell [at]
Mr. Andrew Macphail Vice-Principal (L-Z) Andrew.Macphail [at]


Name Position Email
Mrs. Claire Apostolopoulos Art / Yearbook C.Apostolopoulos [at]
Mr. Regan Glendinning Automotive / Auto Race Team Regan.Glendinning [at]
Mr. Dimitri Apostolopoulos Bridges D.Apostolopoulos [at]
Mr. Adam Revel Careers adam.revel [at]
Ms. Jo-Ann Fernandes Careers / Drama / French Jo-Ann.Fernandes [at]
Mr. Jeff Dods Careers / Work Experience Jeff.Dods [at]
Mr. Byron Kask CGA / Computers / Tech/DC- Department Coordinator Byron.Kask [at]
Mrs. Lorilee Kidd Dance / English Lorilee.Kidd [at]
Mr. Nick MacDonald English nick.macdonald [at]
Ms. Jacqueline Selzer English Jacqueline.Selzer [at]
Mrs. Clementine Huff English - Department Coordinator Clementine.Huff [at]
Mrs. Sarah Kieft English / ELL Support Teacher Sarah.Kieft [at]
Mr. Kevin Ruggles English / Japanese Kevin.Ruggles [at]
Mrs. Anita Teljeur Foods Anita.Teljeur [at]
Mrs. Sharon Kehoe Foods / Careers Sharon.Kehoe [at]
Ms. Nicole Calder French Nicole.Calder [at]
Ms. Moira Testa French / Psychology Moira.Testa [at]
Ms. Michelle Jones Indigenous Success Teacher Michelle.Jones [at]
Ms. Silvia Comanescu Japanese / Physics Silvia.Comanescu [at]
Mr. Clarke Wismer Law / Golf Academy Clarke.Wismer [at]
Mrs. Kristi Anderton Learning Commons Teacher / AP and Blended Learning Coordinator Kristi.Anderton [at]
Ms. Erin Barclay LSS - Department Coordinator Erin.Barclay [at]
Mr. Brent McGillivray LSS / Jr. Football Brent.Mcgillivray [at]
Mr. David Martens LSS Work Study David.Martens [at]
Ms. Nimret Dosanjh MARVEL Nimret.Dosanjh [at]
Mrs. Alexis Bowman Math Alexis.Bowman [at]
Mrs. Dawn Dyck Math / Business Dawn.Dyck [at]
Mr. Lewis Carroll Math / JR Leadership lewis.carroll [at]
Mr. Aaron Barker Math / PE Aaron.Barker [at]
Mr. JJ Pankratz Math / PE / Careers JJ.Pankratz [at]
Mrs. Wendy Purves Math / Science Wendy.Purves [at]
Mr. Brian Lieuwen Math-Department Coordinator Brian.Lieuwen [at]
Mr. Cameron Kenis Music / PE / Fine Arts Department Head Cameron.Kenis [at]
Mrs. Tesia Derksen-Bergen On leave Tesia.Derksenbergen [at]
Ms. Sherry Dunn On leave Sherry.Dunn [at]
Mrs. Laura Hoeppner On leave Laura.Hoeppner [at]
Ms. Emily Lillie On leave Emily.Lillie [at]
Mr. Nathan Sagert PE / Math Nathan.Sagert [at]
Mr. David Mills PE / Science / Athletic Director / Sr. Football David.Mills [at]
Mrs. Tamara Burk PE / Sr. Girls Volleyball / PE Department Coordinator Tamara.Burk [at]
Mr. Rick Schellenberg Resource Room Rick.Schellenberg [at]
Mr. Carlton Haak Science Carlton.Haak [at]
Ms. Katie Jamieson Science Katie.Jamieson [at]
Mr. Andrew Penner Science Andrew.Penner [at]
Mr. Sheldon Weinkauf Science - Department Coordinator Sheldon.Weinkauf [at]
Ms. Stacey Cap Science / PE Stacey.Cap [at]
Mr. Kirt Purdy Social Studies Kirt.Purdy [at]
Ms. Prab Baidwan Social Studies / English prab.baidwan [at]
Mr. Jeff Crocker Social Studies / Outdoor Education Jeff.Crocker [at]
Ms. Ondia Gillette Social Studies / Psychology / Social Studies Department Coordinator Ondia.Gillette [at]
Ms. Farrah Kufske Social Studies / SR. Leadership Farrah.Kufske [at]
Mr. Daniel Webster Woodworking / Photography Daniel.Webster [at]


Name Position Email
Ms. Danae Hodgins (on Leave) Counselling (A-K) Danae.Hodgins [at]
Ms. Jennifer Crockett Counselling (L-Z) Jennifer.Crockett [at]
Mr. Lorne Bartlett Counsellor (A-K) lorne.bartlett [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Ms. Karen Holroyd Clerical - Accounting Clerk Karen.Holroyd [at]
Ms. Lisa Hartley Clerical - Front desk Lisa.Hartley [at]
Mrs. Rita Fussi Clerical - SIS Analyst Rita.Fussi [at]
Ms. Tiffani Schellenberg Clerical - Supervisor Tiffani.Schellenberg [at]
Ms. Rhiannon Gedak Custodial Rhiannon.Gedak [at]
Ms. Karen Johnston Custodial Karen.Johnston [at]
Mr. Warren Wright Custodial - Day shift Warren.Wright [at]
Mr. Adriane Boons Custodial - Head Adriane.Boons [at]
Mr. Don Street Custodian don.street [at]
Mr. Allan Baerg Educational Assistant Allan.Baerg [at]
Ms. Tarnpal Brar Educational Assistant tarnpal.brar [at]
Ms. Sharon Cryer Educational Assistant Sharon.Cryer [at]
Mrs. Heidi Ens Educational Assistant Heidi.Ens [at]
Ms. Erin Fennell Educational Assistant Erin.Fennell [at]
Ms. Brooklyn Fust Educational Assistant brooklyn.fust [at]
Ms. Anita Huebert Educational Assistant Anita.Huebert [at]
Mrs. Amanda Kandler Educational Assistant amanda.kandler [at]
Ms. Jennifer Kasper Educational Assistant Jennifer.Kasper [at]
Mrs. Nettie Levale Educational Assistant Aganetha.Levale [at]
Mrs. Robin McRitchie Educational Assistant robin.mcritchie [at]
Ms. Sarah Miller Educational Assistant Sarah.Miller [at]
Mr. David Myles Educational Assistant David.Myles [at]
Mrs. Shelley Wautier Educational Assistant Shelley.Wautier [at]
Ms. Cristie Hill Educational Assistant - Lab Cristie.Hill [at]
Ms. Stacey Mendez Educational Assistant / Bateman Achievement Centre Stacey.Mendez [at]
Ms. Leilani Diablo Indigenous Support Worker leilani.diablo [at]
Mrs. Rebecca Lin International Student Liaison - Brazil / China / Germany / Hong Kong Rebecca.Lin [at]
Ms. Mayrena Patko International Student Liaison - Columbia / Mexico/ Spain mayrena.patko [at]
Ms. Mindy Yeo International Student Liaison - Germany / S. Korea / Vietnam Mindy.Yeo [at]
Ms. Asami Rogers International Student Liaison - Japan / Vietnam [at]
Ms. Patricia Anderson Youth Care Worker patricia.anderson [at]
Ms. Lindsay Fennell Youth Care Worker, MARVEL Lindsay.Fennell [at]