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Course Planning and Graduation Requirements

Course Planning and Graduation Requirements
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Course Planning   

In the spring, course planning is conducted through our counselling centre to help students choose their courses for the following school year.  For course planning questions, please contact one of our counsellors, Mr.Bruno Bergen or Ms. Jennifer Crockett. The course planning booklet and forms are available in both print and digital versions. Registration section includes the digital version of the documents.                                    

Overview of the RBSS Graduation Program

Beginning in Grade 10, you will be working towards the 80-credit Bateman graduation requirements.

  1. Grade 10 is part of the Graduation Program, therefore, marks for all Grade 10 courses will be documented on a final ministry transcript at the end of Grade 12.
  2. We recommend that students accumulate a minimum of 88 credits over Grades 10, 11 and 12 to ensure success.
  3. 52 of these credits are from required courses, 28 credits are from elective courses and 4 credits are from the Grade 12 Graduation Transitions workbook making a total of 80 credits minimum.
  4. All students need to write a provincial exam in English Language Arts 12 or Communications 12 (which is worth 40% of the final mark for these courses) in order to graduate. Sample Exams and Schedules can be found  on the Ministry Website .

Requirements: Grades 10–12


*Of the 80 credits for graduation, at least 16 must be at the Grade12 level, including a Grade 12 Language Arts course. Others may be required or elective courses.


Subject Areas Minimum Credits
Planning 10 4
Language Arts 10 4
a Language Arts 11 4
a Language Arts 12 4
a Mathematics 10 4
a Mathematics 11 4
a Fine Arts and/or Applied Skills 10,11, or 12 4
Social Studies 10 4
a Social Studies 11 or BC First Nations 12 4
Science 10 4
a Science 11 or 12 4
Physical Education 10 4
Grad Transitions 4
Total credits for required course: 52 credits




Students must earn 4 credits for completing their Grad Transitions.

Students are required to meet the following mandatory three standards to graduate:

  •   approximately 100 hours (15O minutes a week) of physical activity (September to June) in each of grade 10, 11 and 12.
  •   a graduation transition plan that will help students set goals during Grade 11 & 12 as well as for their for post-secondary education.
  •   30 hours of work experience or community service.

This course is not offered in our regular timetable.  Students are required to complete and document the three Grad Transitions standards independently during Grade 12.  See Career advisor, Mr.Jeff Dods or information on Grad Transitions completion.


Post Secondary Education Entrance Requirements

Current information on Post Secondary Education options is available in the Counselling Centre, Career Center or at, or Students are encouraged to check entrance requirements for programs in which they have interest.  Please note that entrance requirements differ from institution to institution.

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that course selection meets all British Columbia graduation requirements and the entrance requirements to post-secondary programs or institutions of choice.