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Blog: Friday, September 27th, 2019

ELO - A Gift of Time!

Robert Bateman Secondary School is filled with forward-thinking educators embracing the new curriculum.  Our staff has helped to develop a number of structures to support our students with their individualized learning needs.  One excellent example of their efforts is our ELO (Extended Learning Opportunities) on Tuesday mornings.  Students are given time to reflect on their studies and curricular competencies, and for them to choose where they would like to go for extra time and/or support.  Our RBSS students appreciative this "gift of time" once a week (1 hour) to study independently, work in small groups, peer tutor a friend, seek extra time with a teacher, etc. 

Teachers also use our Bateman ELO time for a number of different student requirements.  They will ask students to report to their classroom to reteach a competency, rewrite a test, help with outstanding assignments, etc.  At the secondary level of education, we have 4 years to transition our students to life after high school.  The new curriculum is allowing educators an opportunity to be innovative and creative with how they will deliver the curriculum.  Our staff is also modeling some adult ELO to our students by designing a structure for staff collaboration on Thursday mornings.  This time is different than ELO because this is designed to be sacred time for educators to collaborate with colleagues around best practice and improving student achievement.  This time allows for teachers who are teaching similar courses to plan together and discuss different strategies.  Teachers are team-teaching classes, and some are embracing cross-curricular units, while others are discussing ways that students can show their understanding of the competencies.  The opportunity for innovation in schools has never been better, and the staff at RBSS are taking full advantage of this flexibility.

Principal, Robert Bateman Secondary