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Extended Learning Opportunities (Flex Block)

Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) is a part of our Pyramid of Interventions at RBSS. We have implemented ELO blocks where students will be identified by teachers to come to their class for extra support (re-teaching concepts, exam re-writes etc.).  All students are expected to be involved in academic study during ELO time, in a supervised study area/classroom,  and are encouraged to see their teachers for help or study, if they are not already assigned to a class. Students who have a “spare” in the morning of an ELO block will be expected to attend classes if they have been “targeted/selected” by one of their teachers. Students who have unexcused absences during ELO blocks will be assigned to the Bateman Achievement Centre for two lunch hours. For 2018/19, ELO will be held every Tuesday, unless there is no school Monday, then there will be no ELO that week.