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Student Leadership (Wolfpack)

The Wolfpack Leadership experience introduces students to a variety of leadership styles, methods of self-reflection, and practical opportunities to apply their skills to grow the culture of Bateman. All grades meet within the timetable, with Wolfpack 9 and 10 as a semestered course, and Wolfpack 11 and 12 as a linear course. The coursework is heavily focused on participation, collaboration, and communication. Classes will include a combination of interactive lessons on character development and leadership styles, as well as student driven event planning for school events and community fundraisers. To cultivate team building, encourage personal goal setting, and advance the program vision, the students will be offered an opportunity to attend an overnight Wolfpack Leadership Retreat open to all grades. While this retreat requires an additional fee, financial assistance is available.

The program is designed to provide students with transferable skills and characteristics to strengthen their leadership within the school community and as a global citizen. Throughout their four year journey, students will gradually grow their responsibility while increasing their role within the school and community event planning process. The following skills will be developed: 

  • Identify and foster their leadership style
  • Reflect on their efforts and contributions
  • Work within diverse student groups 
  • Ability to collaborate between all grades
  • Develop professional communication within the school and community
  • Recognize the value of their involvement in their school environment
  • Encourage school spirit and sense of belonging among their peers