School gym filled with students and staff for a basketball game. Snow Ball - Abby Senior

Inside the Halls of Abbotsford Senior Secondary School

March 15, 2024

Being the oldest high school in the city, Abbotsford Senior Secondary School has a proud history. Take a walk down our Graduates Hall, which features all the grad classes since 1956. Look around our Heritage Wing, highlighting the physical changes that our school has seen and showcasing some of the historic athletic accomplishments of our teams and past graduates. Throughout our building, the storied history of our school and the people who have filled its halls are celebrated. An element that has been present in the old building and the new one is a tradition of staff who go above and beyond to provide opportunities for our students to pursue their passions and to create lifelong memories. This tradition continues.

Are you looking for something to do at lunch? From intramurals in the Pit Gym to United Nations Club, knitting and crocheting, board games, chess, Debate Club, Climate change, Engineering Maker, and so much more. Or how about after school? We have various opportunities for those interested in sports: basketball, football, volleyball, cross country, rugby, soccer, and wrestling. Are you passionate about serving others? Join our Key Club, Green Team, Student Voice, or Leadership Program, which is over 100 students strong. Hungry? Breakfast is served by staff in the Rotunda twice a week, or head out to the Pump House for lunch on Grilled Cheese Fridays. Our dedicated International Baccalaureate and academic teaching staff is always available for extra support, and their doors are regularly open before school, at lunch, or after school. There are always projects on the go in the shops for anyone who wants to get their hands dirty. Music can be heard coming from Mr. Mac’s room all day long. All of these opportunities would not be possible without Abby Panther Staff.

Our annual Senior Boys Snowball Basketball Tournament is a strong example of the community of educators in our building who go above and beyond and are dedicated to continuing the proud traditions of our school. This tournament has become a bedrock of our school’s culture, an event that our staff and student body look forward to each year. This tournament, one of the longest-running tournaments in the province, regularly attracts top-seeded teams from British Columbia and invites a high-profile team from the United States, which makes it unique. If you show up to watch the games, you will notice dozens of individuals on the stage, all of whom are staff at our school, who show their support and pitch in to help make the tournament run smoothly. This year, with two tournament days cancelled due to snow, the organizing committee did what they could and managed to still get four games off on Saturday, with Mt. Vernon of New York City playing Burnaby South in the marquee match of the night. Our storied Pit Gym was full all day, with an energetic crowd of staff, students, and community members enjoying the talent. Included in the audience was Don Macdonald, who played in the first Snowball Tournament in 1962. He was introduced to the crowd and given a warm round of applause. It was a heartwarming moment and a strong reminder to all in attendance of our school's proud history and our cherished Snowball Tournament.

We at Abbotsford Senior Secondary are fortunate to have a diverse school population that is provided with exemplary opportunities by a group of dedicated and passionate educators. The tradition continues.

Abbotsford Senior Secondary