Digital Media Arts

The purpose of D.M.A. is to showcase the amazing work, play, and events that involve the staff and students of Robert Bateman.  Students will learn how to do this through two weekly meetings, regular practice, and timely feedback from the instructor. Students will have the opportunity to choose one of four different disciplines associated with Digital Media Arts.  Segments that are done in the class will be played on the many screens in the school, and some will be shown on the website.  D.M.A is a 4 credit ministry recognized course, and is offered during the extended day.


Broadcast Journalism:

Students will be trained on how to seek out stories, create impromptu situational moments, write interview questions, and also conduct interviews.  Journalists will organize the time, location, and subject for the interviews.


Students will learn how to create effective videos through the use of angles, framing, lighting, and location scouting.  They will capture the raw footage from interviews, sporting and arts events, and learn how to most effectively utilize the equipment provided, such as video cameras and gimbals.

Video Editing: 

Students will work with the raw footage from the Videographers and create a finished product that will be shown on the school televisions, and possibly the website.  Using either their own editing software or the school’s, the students will add introductory and closing slides, closed captions, and other audio/visual effects that will enhance the video.

Audition for Film and Television:

Students will be given one audition piece per week, and will have a minimum of three days to prepare.  Each student will perform the audition once, receive immediate feedback with redirection, and then perform the audition again.  Time-permitting, the students will have further opportunities to perform each scene.  The students will have a solid understanding of on-set etiquette and careful guidance as to the audition process, from submission to callbacks.  At the end of the semester, each student will have a two-scene demo reel with which to seek out representation.