Student Lockers

Student Lockers

Students can sign up for lockers online using the Locker Assignment website.

Grade 12 students will be given first access starting on Wednesday, September 6.

Grade 9-11 students will have access beginning on Thursday, September 7.

Students will be required to digitally agree to the conditions of use once logged in; parent/guardians/students can review the district policy regarding student locker use here


Tip: Take note of five choices of your preferred locker numbers that you may want as they may already be taken by the time you log into the website. 

1. Go to

2. Login using your student number as the user id and your initials and student number as the password. For example, if your name is “John Smith” and your student number is 12345, your user id would be “12345” and your password would be “JS12345”. The password is case sensitive!

3. View and read the “Locker Conditions of Use” document. By clicking on Agree, you are digitally accepting the conditions in the Locker Conditions of Use document. Once this is done, you can now sign out a locker.

4. Select a zone of the school in which you would like to have a locker. The zones are approximately in front of the classrooms listed. Note that as the availability of lockers in a zone the zone buttons will change from Yellow (many lockers available), to Orange (over 50% of lockers capacity assigned) to Red (no lockers available in zone).

5. When a zone is selected the available lockers will be listed. A locker entry that is Green is an empty locker, and a locker entry that is Orange has at least one person in the locker already.

6. Once you have selected a locker you will be shown the locker combination. You can login at any time to see your assigned locker and combination.

7. You cannot change your locker through the online application and you will not be permitted to switch lockers during the year so please choose wisely.

8. If you are having difficulties logging into the system or need assistance, please see Lisa in the office.