DanceTechnique and Performance 9-12

Each year, students will learn and practice a variety of dance styles, including jazz, contemporary, ballet and hip hop. Students will get to learn choreography and tell a story through a series of dances that will be performed at the end of the course. The performance is complete with costumes and lighting, and is an exciting experience for all students! While some students do have dance experience, no experience is necessary to join this class- all students from Grade 9-12 are invited to join Dance Performance!

Dance Choreography 11 & 12

*Dance Choreography 11 & 12 may be an option for some students. Students who enroll in Dance Choreography must be invited by Mrs. Kidd. These students will act as leaders in the classroom by helping to demonstrate and teach steps, and by helping to choreograph dances for our performances.

**Independent Directed Studies may be an available option for some students. If you are interested in an IDS Dance class, contact Mrs. Kidd.