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Blog: Monday, February 28th, 2022

Science 10 and Socials Studies 10 Cohort at RBSS

Robert Bateman Secondary School is excited to announce a new cohort we are piloting in 2022. We have two talented teachers who have helped to create a Science and Social Studies 10 cohort that will be cross-curricular in nature. This course has been scheduled for our second semester which has just started this past week. The cohort has been designed to be more hands-on and inquiry-based, in order to accommodate experiential learning for students . We plan to include local field trips and opportunities in our nearby forests and creeks around our school. Content for these courses will focus specifically on our local history through the use of resources recorded and published by Sto:lo knowledge keepers. The use of high quality, authentic indigenous voices in these courses will allow students to dive deeper into their understanding of their sense of place in the Fraser Valley.

The students in this cohort will benefit from having a slightly smaller class size. They will also be a part of a unique situation that will build stronger relationships and social-emotional learning while at the same time obtaining credit for both Science 10 and Social Studies 10. These stronger relationships with both their fellow students and their teachers will encourage more risk taking in a safe and caring learning environment. "It takes a village to raise a child," and we believe this opportunity with their peers will assist some of these students as they build self-confidence with their skills and abilities regarding the competencies being learned in both courses. We know that this success will carry forward in to other areas of their educational journey.

Principal, Robert Bateman Secondary