Jun 26 2024, 4 - 10pm

Prom Date: Wednesday, June 26th

Prom Venue: Swan-e-set Golf and Country Club

Prom Schedule:

3:15-4:15 PM - Grads arrive at RBSS for the Red Carpet Arrival

4:30 - 4:45 PM - Moonlight March in Large Gym

5:00 PM - Buses depart for Swan-e-set Golf and Country Club

11:45 PM - Buses will return to RBSS by concluding the night's festivities

Attached, please review map detailing the designated driving route for the Red Carpet Arrival.


To ensure a safe and enjoyable prom night, we kindly ask for your support in reinforcing the following expectations with your graduate:

  1. No burnouts: Encourage responsible driving behavior, and remind them that reckless driving is strictly prohibited. This applies to all drivers including friends and family members. Guests will not be allowed on the bus/ to attend Prom if they or their driver drive in a way deemed as unsafe.
  2. Students cannot drive themselves or leave the venue: For safety reasons, students are not permitted to drive themselves to or from the prom venue and must be on the bus.
  3. No backpacks: Please remind students not to bring backpacks to the event. Small bags/ purses are permitted.
  4. Buses will be organized by table preferences: students will be seated on buses based on their table preferences. Once seating arrangements are made, switching buses is not permitted.
  5. No smoking: Our event is smoke-free, including cigars.