Halloween safety tips for Abbotsford trick-or-treaters

October 28, 2022

Halloween is this upcoming Monday, October 31st, and can be a busy time for many families preparing for a night of trick or treating. We want to encourage families to remember to stay safe and respectful while celebrating this fun-filled evening!

Be mindful that costumes do not include elements of cultural appropriation or other potentially offensive themes. Cultural appropriation is the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of customs, practices, ideas or parts of a culture or identity by members of another. Some costumes may also be traumatic if they contain violent imagery, such as weaponry.
We remind students and staff that weapons (even fake ones) are not allowed at school as part of their costumes, to be aware of cultural or racial stereotypes, and to consider if their outfits may be offensive to others.


  1. Wear brightly coloured costumes that drivers can see. Add reflective tape to your costume to increase visibility.
  2. Choose costumes that fit well and can be worn over warm clothing. This protects you from cold and wet weather.
  3. Avoid costumes that are too big, have dangling pieces and are flammable. Oversized costumes pose a tripping hazard or risk of catching on something like a tree branch or fence. Loose garments can also be hazardous around candles and open flames found in jack-o-lanterns.
  4. Use face paint or makeup instead of masks. Improperly fitted masks can interfere with your vision or breathing. Before applying face paint or makeup, do a patch test to determine sensitivity or allergy.


  1. Go trick-or-treating with a group – the more, the merrier! Adults should trick-or-treat with their children until they are old enough to go with friends.
  2. Stay in well-lit areas and only visit homes with outdoor lights on. Make sure children know never to go inside homes or cars. Carry a flashlight to make yourself more visible to motorists and others.
  3. Be careful when crossing the street. Look both ways and only cross when no cars are coming. Cross at marked crosswalks and intersections, and never cross between parked cars.
  4. Don't eat any treats until your parents have looked them over. Look for any treats that could be choking hazards, such as chewy or hard candies and treats with peanuts. Also, look for treats that may come with toys and do not let children under three play with them.


  1. Leave the pumpkin carving to the adults. Have your child draw a design on their pumpkin, then have an adult carve it for them.
  2. Use LED candles instead of real candles. An LED candle will still light up your jack-o-lantern.
  3. If you use real candles, keep them away from flammable objects such as curtains and other Halloween decorations. Do not leave candles unattended. Avoid using candles with multiple wicks, as they can produce a large flame that can ignite nearby materials. 

It's essential to be safe this Halloween, so before participating in Halloween celebrations and activities this year, visit the Government of Canada website for additional Halloween safety tips.

Stay safe, have fun and Happy Halloween #AbbySchools! 🎃