Our students will learn key academic skills - like reading, writing and math - to encompass the knowledge and processes associated with intellectual development. As learners and meaning-makers, students take subject-specific concepts and content and transform them into a new understanding. 

Student drawing

Art: Self-Reflections  

Bateman Art students are learning about the light and dark value in their art, building on what they learned in Art 9. They’re creating impressive large portraits of their peers, deepening their grasp of the concept of value.  

Automotive Electric Car Competition

Auto Electric Car Competition 

Our Auto Program received an exciting opportunity to enter the Edison Motors Electric Motor Challenge. A team of our students were sponsored to participate in the EV challenge, where they received essential components, including an electric motor, batteries, and a controller, to create their own electric vehicle. They then tested their engineering skills and creativity by entering their vehicle in a series of challenges: a speed race, a tractor pull to assess hauling capacity, and a challenge of distance to measure battery efficiency. With four talented students leading the charge, we are ready for an electrifying competition ahead!  

Science eggsperiment

Eggsperiments in Science 

Our Science Department took on an exciting project that inspired our students to ‘think outside the box’ and apply their knowledge in a hands-on way. In this project, students were tasked with designing their own egg incubators to hatch chicks. This multifaceted endeavour not only involved the application of biology and life sciences, but also engineering and technology. Students had to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity within their incubators, and rotate the eggs daily, mimicking the conditions required for successful egg hatching. It was heartening to see our students embrace this challenge with enthusiasm, creativity, and a genuine passion for learning. 

English Character Analysis

English: General’s Die in Bed - Character Analysis  

Recently, our English students delved into the intricacies of novel characters, and through a creative approach, they skillfully paired illustrations with quotes and explanations, offering insightful glimpses into the complex nature of literary characters. This project not only highlighted their analytical abilities but also encouraged visual ways of demonstrating their understanding. 

English Novella Project

English: Novella Project 

In English, students showcased their creative writing skills by crafting novellas that not only displayed their imaginative storytelling but also demonstrated a keen understanding of essential literary elements. Throughout this engaging project, students skillfully incorporated various aspects of plot, explored different character types, and developed various conflicts within their stories. This exercise not only honed their creative expression but also provided a platform for mastering the intricacies of storytelling.  

Students playing chess


Discovering the strategic world of chess has become a fascinating journey for our math class. Studies reveal that chess is a valuable tool for teaching patience, problem-solving, character building, fair play, and self-confidence – skills that align seamlessly with the demands of math. A well-played chess game requires forethought and strategic planning, mirroring the cognitive skills essential in mastering mathematical concepts. The exciting arguments and logical victories overheard are a testament to the transformative impact of integrating chess into our academic landscape. 

Every Child Matters

Physical Education Highlight 

Wednesday, November 29th all PE blocks participated in a walk for Wenjack in memory of Chanie Wenjack, a residential school student who tried to escape his residential school and walk 600 km to his uncle’s house. Tragically, Chanie only made it 30 km and died of exposure and hunger. Our classes walked a total of 15.2 km in memory of Chanie Wenjack.